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ten·der hop is an interactive members only Hospitality Network that does one thing. It offers a straight $10 off from participating Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Clubs, VFWs, Event Spaces, or anywhere else food and beverages are served, when $20 or more is spent.


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The Bunny Visits Gypsy Parlor
A basket of goodness for businesses.
Make others hoppy.

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Parkway Hair Cutting

10% off Parkway services men, women and childrens haircuts, colors, highlights, perms and straightning systems, formal updo and blowout styles. 1086 Elmwood Ave,Buffalo, NY 14222

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Priceless Home Decor and Furniture

10% off You can count on us to provide you with beautiful, affordable furniture that will hold up for years to come. We’ve been helping people find furniture they’ll love[…]

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Sweet Sound Music & Variety

10% off We sell music, clothing, sneakers, and other accessories. 251 Grant St,Buffalo, NY 14213

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